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Shower Cloth

How do I use the Shower Cloth?

Pro Tip: If you want more exfoliation turn the Shower Cloth inside out. You can also use the pocket for a lighter wash, up to you how you use it.

How often should I replace the Shower Cloth?

Every three months.

Is the Shower Cloth machine washable?

Nope. Hang dry only.

How do I order the Shower Cloth?

You can order it here.

Why should I buy the Shower Cloth?

The Shower Cloth is made from natural jute fibers and natural bamboo to help you get a cleaner state. Use the Cloth to maximize suds and slough off dead skin. This is your ideal companion for every shower.

What is the Shower Cloth made out of?

The Cloth is made from 100% natural jute fibers. The trim is made from cotton. The pocket is made from natural bamboo.