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Membership Settings

What if I don't need an upcoming box?

No problem! You can reschedule your ship date for an upcoming subscription box from your Account page.

Where are my Membership Settings?

Membership Settings are accessible towards the bottom of your Account page as long as your account is active. This link allows you to update the frequency of your subscription box, change your ship date, or cancel your Membership. Don’t see the Membe

How do I manage my Account?

We’re all about convenience, so we’ve made it super simple to make your DSC Account work for you. Update your box frequency or change your ship date. Contact us and we'll help you find the perfect razor match. Contact us. We’d love to find out more a

What if I run out of something before my subscription box ships?

You can place an on demand order by selecting "Ship it now" when selecting products, or you can have your subscription box ship sooner by changing your ship date.