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Where can I buy Floss?

You can buy it here.

How many uses will I get from one pack of Floss?

About 87 uses.

How do I use Floss?

- Wrap 45 centimetres of floss around your middle (and index) fingers. - Gently slide the floss between teeth and move it back and forth to the gum line to loosen plaque. - Remove the floss from in between your teeth. - Smile!

How much Floss should I use?

We recommend using about 45 centimetres each time you floss.

What flavours does Floss come in?


What are the ingredients in Floss?

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

Why should I use Floss?

Flossing helps promote healthy teeth, gums, and fresh breath. It also helps prevent tooth decay and can reduce your risk of developing gum disease by removing plaque.

How much Floss comes in an order?

Each pack contains 39,96 metres of floss.

Is Floss waxed?


How do I store Floss?

In a cool and dry place.

Where is Floss manufactured?

In the U.S. with globally sourced ingredients.