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Blueprint General Questions

Why should I buy Blueprint?

Blueprint is for everyman and every man. We created six unique fragrances, three fresh and three warm, that help set the stage for you to be your best in the moments that matter most, each thoughtfully blended from top-notch ingredients. After all, o

How do I order Blueprint?

You can purchase it here.

How do I know which scent is right for me?

Not sure which scent is right for you? Try one of our Collector’s Sets of the fresh or warm series.

How long will a bottle of Blueprint last?

A 50 ml bottle should last 7-9 months depending on usage.

Does Blueprint come in different sizes?

Yup. You can purchase individual 50ml bottles of each scent, or a set of three (15ml) bottles with our Fresh and Warm Collections.

Does Blueprint contain alcohol?


Is Blueprint hypoallergenic?


Can Blueprint be used as an aftershave?

Please no.