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How can I add / remove products from my Box?

To add items to your next box:

  1. Login to your DSC account.
  2. From the top Menu click, Our Products.  
  3. Choose the product you want to order.
  4. Click Add beneath the picture of the product.
  5. Select quantity.
  6. You will be asked if you’d like the product shipped in your next box, or Ship it Now. Choose the option to add it to your next box.
  7. You're all set!


To remove items from your next box:

  1. Log in to your DSC account.
  2. Click on the Box icon at the top of the page.
  3. Click "Qty" (pssst... it's to the right of the image of the product)
  4. Click the minus button (-), to remove the product/s.
  5. Click Ok or Remove when you reach the desired quantity.
  6. You're all set!
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